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All of the members of our staff have studied accounting at top business schools. They are all licensed Certified Public Accountants in California (the newer staff are candidates for licensure). We require all our staff to have a Masters' Degree in Taxation (the newer staff are candidates for the degree). Since 2000 we have also required all our staff to obtain a Certificate in International Taxation in addition to their Master's Degree in Taxation. We put our staff through a rigorous in-house training program to provide you with the most capable CPAs possible.
Charlotte R. Wall Resume Charlotte R. Wall Email 

Charlotte R. Wall 415-217-6903
Russell T. Mansky Resume Russell T. Mansky Email Russell T. Mansky 415-217-6906
Ming P. Fang Resume Ming P. Fang Email Ming Fang 415-217-6909
Li Zhang Resume Li Zhang Email Li Zhang 415-217-6907
Devan Friday Resume Devan Friday Email Devan Friday 415-217-6944
Krystle Chow Resume Krystle Chow Email Krystle Chow 415-217-6942
Jordan Reichelt Resume Jordan Reichelt Email 

Jordan Reichelt 415-217-6961
 Anthony Amodei Resume Anthony Amodei Email Anthony Amodei 415-217-6964
Tyler Dixon Resume Tyler Dixon Email 

Tyler Dixon 415-217-6941
Yuemei Liang Resume Yuemei Liang Email Yuemei Liang 415-217-6908
Sean Morita Resume Clifford Danskine Email Clifford Danskine 415-217-8884
Claire Zhang Resume Claire Zhang Email Claire Zhang 415-217-6963
Helena Yang Resume Helena Yang Email Helena Yang 415-217-5134
Maxim Dorovskikh Maxim Dorovskikh Email Maxim Dorovskikh 415-217-8883
Caroline Hao Resume Caroline Hao Email Caroline Hao 415-217-5132
Qi Wang Resume Qi Wang Email Qi Wang 415-217-6904
Veronica Wanyoike Resume Veronica Wanyoike Email Veronica Wanyoike 415-217-6939
Aaron Feldhaus Resume Aaron Feldhaus Email Aaron Feldhaus 415-217-6948
Kayla Kim Resume Kayla Kim Email Kayla Kim 415-217-6943
Patrick Kuan Resume Patrick Kuan Email Patrick Kuan 415-217-8811
Genevieve Surano - HR Manager Email Genevieve Surano 415-217-6991
Thomas J. Baxter - Finance Manager Email Tom Baxter 415-217-5130
Siri Mouthapong - Billing Specialist Email Siri Mouthapong 415-217-6946
Mary Zdybel - Administrative Specialist Email Mary Zdybel 415-217-6947
General Information Email General Information 415-217-6900
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